You are here, because you are getting one of my skirts! We will need your measurements to make it.  

You will need these things to make this happen: a tailors measuring tape. A cloth elastic band. A pair of helping hands.  

Here's how we want them: 

First, copy this measurements list and be ready to fill it in. We'll want you to just copy and paste it back into our conversation window (or notes to seller, if you are doing this prior to the purchase). Please don't send us any other format of measurements (and please don't create Google docs), don't change order of measurements, we truly just want this list in particular, copied and pasted. We much prefer centimeters as that's what we work in, but if inches is the only option, then please provide them like the following example: 5 1/4 in or even better 5.25 in  - I can copy paste this into Google and get quick results in metric. 

Waist circumference L:

Skirt's front length SIP: 

For measuring process - either wear form-fitting garments or just underwear. Next up, find your natural waist and mark it - ideally with cloth elastic, something thin enough to not add bulk or slip and slide around. It is very important that it's level. If you stand sideways, check that the front isn't going downwards and sits at the same spot as in the back.

Now measure the waist circumference - ensuring it's level, as mentioned before, like this: 

And then just measure the skirt's length in the front in total - with relevant shoes being there or accounted for. If your skirt design has a train - it will have it just as pictured in the listing, unless specified othwerwise by you. If your skirt is trainless - we suggest measuring the side of your body, rather than the front. For skirts with trains - front works, like shown below. Measure with relevant height shoes on or add for them. If you want the skirt to pool on the ground like most of my listings, this is the time to add for that as well, just decide by using the measuring tape where you want it to end. And of course, your skirt doesn't have to touch the floor at all - it can be tea length, knee length, ankle length - just let us know that's what you're going with, because then the train should also probably be skipped?  

If you are getting a Xylona skirt - measure waist to floor in relevant shoes, the high low effect will be done proportionately. If you are getting Vivian or Una skirts that are high low in their listings - you can do it either way - provide the waist to floor in relevant shoes and ask for the same proportion as in the listing, or provide specific length for the front and back. If any other skirt is turned into a high low per your request - please provide total front and back (including train) length.

And that's it, now send us that little list and we shall get to work! :)

Talk to you soon,