In our Wardrobe by Dulcinea studio, we use three types of tulle for our skirts, overskirt and veils, and this post will help shed some light between differences and help you choose the right garment for your big day! There's a reason behind why a certain design is made out of a specific type of tulle which this post will also explain. 

1. Type one - bridal illusion, 100% nylon. Skirts out of this tulle in our shop are: Aurora, Catherine, Magnolia, Zephyra, Serenity, Faerie skirts. Also short skirts like Blooming Ballerina 1 and 2, Blushing Ballerina, High Low Ballerina, Ballerina Le Poof and Blushing Le Poof, Black Swan and Mini Ballerina. By request they can be made in other two types just as well, to be flatter or more durable, but of course they would also then be "less poof".  This tulle is completely matte. 


- voluminous, perfect for puffy skirts;

- ideal for keeping up shape;

- can be hand dyed in ombre or all over, resulting in custom and unique color creations based on customers preference or even a reference.  


- wrinkles easily;

- very fragile (rips easily if given such opportunity);

- stiffer than the other two types, therefore only works for certain designs where volume is a must. 

Magnolia skirt in bridal illusion tulle (ivory)

2. Type two - italian tulle, 100% nylon. Skirts out of this tulle in our shop are: Raina, Zahara, Heather, Helene, Nora, Cleo, Indra, Yona, Dolores, Grace, Dahlia, Cora, Kyra, Lilith (which  can optionally be made out of third type of tulle as well). Veils: Millaray, Leah, Jean, Helene, River, Maria. Overskirts: Nova, Freya and Vivian. This tulle is completely matte. 


- incredibly soft, thus ideal for veils or anyone who cannot stand the slightest scratchiness of tulle for their skirt;

- can be hand dyed in ombre or all over, resulting in custom and unique color creations based on customers preference or even a reference;

- resilient and does not easily rip;

- wrinkles in the most beautiful way, forming gorgeous frothy waves as can be clearly seen on Nora, Raina or Cleo skirts;

- very thin and finely knit.


- not voluminous, doesn't give a lot of poof;

- does not keep shape, falls flat.

Helene skirt and veil made in italian tulle (ivory and a deep blush dip dye on the skirt)

3. Type three - hayal tulle, 100% polyester. Skirts made out of this tulle in the shop are: Eleonor, Aella, Octavia, Borealis, Soraya, Millaray, Nayeli, Paloma and Morgana. Overskirts: Fiona, Elle, Delilah, Caliste, Tara and Belle. This tulle is a little glossy, has a slight, subtle sheen to it.


- keeps shape well;

- moderately voluminous, can be used in both flat style designs and poofy designs when cut differently, very versatile;

- does not easily rip, extremely resilient;

- moderately soft and not at all scratchy;

- comes in vast variety of colors;

- falls very smooth and silky like, doesn't really wrinkle;

- the only type we have that's suitable to sport horsehair braids (Eleonor, Borealis), and vertically cascading ruffles (Nayeli, Aella) while looking neat. 


- cannot be hand dyed in any way, does not take dye at all, thus only available in factory made colors;

- can be too dense and too stiff for certain designs, does not fall in frothy waves.

Soraya skirt made in hayal tulle (cream/tan)

Hope it helps! And no, we don't have a favorite, it really depends on what you're after. If your celebration is indoors and if the main feature of your skirt is "poofy and ball gown like", definitely go with design made out of bridal illusion tulle. If you're all after a flatter, bohemian, romantic and beautifully hand dyed skirt - go with italian tulle designs. If you're after a moderate amount of volume, extreme durability and smooth falling layers, or features like ruffles or  horsehair braids - choose a design that's made out of hayal tulle. 

Always available for any additional questions and looking forward to hearing from you!

Inge, the designer behind Wardrobe by Dulcinea